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The Epsom salts we provide are of the highest grade making them suitable for ingestion as well as for soaking in. Made up of pure magnesium sulphate, this is a vital substance to make your muscles work effectively, it softens your skin, draws toxins from your body, can deodorise your feet, and reduce swollen skin and bruising. It's a must for anyone over working their bodies, whether they are doing sport, DIY, walking, in a very manual job or being a busy parent or grandparent.

Himalayan Rock Salt is the purest salt available. Mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, it is free from all of earth's pollutants. Containing nearly all the essential minerals our body requires to function well, relaxing in a bath is a must. We provide only the highest grade which can be used internally by dissolving in water and added to cooking or taken daily added to a glass of juice.

Dead-Sea Salt is known for it's therapeutic qualities. While other sea salts are made up predominantly of sodium chloride, the Dead Sea contains a much wider range of minerals essential for bodily functions.

The high concentrates of bromide and magnesium in Dead Sea salt helps to relieve allergic reactions by cleaning and detoxifying the body. Dead Sea salt helps treat acne and psoriasis and further research has shown that it can reduce the depth of wrinkles by 40% with regular soaking.

Shower/Bath Fizzer is a product to use in the shower or bath for a no mess skin exfoliation. With a pH of 7, this product gives you soft and smooth skin using natural ingredients that create a cold fizz with a fine grainy feel that gently rubs the dead skin off.

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