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Cleaning Products & Methods

At wendygoesgreen we produce, use and sell a range of versatile cleaning products. This range has been devised using revived ingredients and only have in them what's needed to do the job.

Shake & Shine™ Method!

We have developed a method of cleaning called Shake & Shine® using sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in separate shaker bottles. This maximises their uses both together and separately. You can clean all around the house and outside using this method and their uses go even further separately. It is recommended you have a set by the kitchen sink and in your bathroom. Once you have got used to these products, you'll wonder why you ever used anything else! Much better & safer than a bottle of bleach hidden behind the toilet! Here's why...........

Example of how well shake & clean product removes burnt food.
Using S&C to remove burnt food!
Used together, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid cause a chemical reaction which creates a fizz to lift dirt & grime from surfaces. They can be used to clean toilets, sinks, baths etc but also chopping boards, drains, and soaking cleaning cloths.

Alone, citric acid is brilliant at breaking the bond between limescale and the surface it has formed on often breaking it off in chunks or layers. You can keep your kettle and other household items scale free at minimum cost and without excessive rinsing afterwards as citric acid is earth & body safe.

The results of using shake & clean to remove burnt food from a pan.
A clean pan!
Sodium bicarbonate acts as a gentle scrub removing tough dirt and grime. It neutralises odours, not just masking them and also prehibits the growth of mould and bacteria so is ideal for baths, shower trays, sinks and around windows etc. You can also sprinkle it on rugs, carpets and into your shoes as a natural odour killer or to soak up spills, or use it get rid of ants.

Mixed together, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid balance out with a pH value of 7 making the solution skin friendly while still being environmental safe as they degrade within 7 days when in our water systems. Both of these ingredients are a must have in the home!

A great cleaner for keeping shower enclosures free from watermarks!Our other green cleaning products use white vinegar for it's ability to break down grease and sticky substances with added tea tree essential oil for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and disinfectant properties. We have a multi-surface cleaner which can be used on work tops, floors, white goods etc around the home and which can also be used as a pre-wash soak sprayed directly into stains such as on cuffs and collars, a window & mirror cleaner which makes cleaning effortless and finally, a brilliant limescale remover.

We are happy to say This is Cleaning in the Bag! Cleaning in the bag. all you need to keep your home clean using safer, ecological products with a bit of history. (pdf, 176 K)

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